Nissan Australia Foundation is helping us to move


We are super excited to have our first Platinum Sponsor – Nissan Australia Foundation!

Nissan Australia Foundation will be supplying us with a Nissan Patrol for our event.  Supplying a vehicle is not enough for them, they are also going to approach other organisations to try to get us even more support so stay tuned for more exciting news.

They will also be helping us spread the news of our event through their media team/contacts, so any organisations that are out there still thinking about sponsoring us, now is the time to get on board.

Once we receive the vehicle will still need all of our sponsor supplied equipment fitted such as;

  • Lightforce Driving Lights
  • REDARC Electronics
  • Anderson Plugs front (for our solar panels) and rear (charge the camper batteries) of the vehicle
  • Barrett Communications HF Radio and other UHF Radio’s

As we won’t receive the vehicle until late March, and since we are starting the trip on 2nd April, it would be fantastic if we could have organisations prearranged to assist us with fitting this sundry equipment.

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