Reaching out to Communities


When was the last time you reached out to members of your community to see if they are ok?  Is there someone you know that is having a tough time?  It may be due to them feeling isolated/alone or it could be due to relationship/money/health issues.  Maybe it’s due to the recent weather that Australia has been experiencing (fire, flood, snow etc.).

Here is something to think about… You walk past someone (known or unknown) and politely ask “how’s things?” and most of the time you receive a short one or two word answer. Then they ask you and you respond with the same couple of words.  Sounds familiar?  The response generated is generally not a true indication of how things really are.  Why? because people do not want to seem weak or don’t want to burden someone with their problems.

Something else to consider… What if the situation was the same but this time they responded by saying that they are really struggling at the moment or they are considering giving up and are thinking of suicide?  What would you do or say now?  Would you stop and talk to them to give them support or would you just keep walking?  Would your response be different if they were a stranger who you had never met before?

Paul has seen many situations where people have committed suicide.  In some of the cases, there was a potential opportunity for a stranger to talk to the person prior to them making their final decision, but unfortunately the people nearby walked away from them as they didn’t want to get involved.  Could the situations have had a different outcome if someone had spoken to them?  Maybe, but unfortunately we will never know.

Now insert one of your family members into this same scenario, would you want someone to speak them or just leave them alone?  Personally I would want someone to talk to them.  A simple thing like talking to them could be all that is needed for them to finally decide to seek help.

Please remember that someone who is struggling with a mental health issue will generally look ok on the outside even though they are really going through hell on the inside. Sometimes all it takes to save a life is one question… How are you?


For more information about how to help someone you know is struggling or if you are struggling, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or go to their website at  If a life is in danger call 000 immediately.

To find out more about Paul & Kirstine Roadley or about Driving Oz with the Black Dog, go to

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