Lightforce Australia Delivers


We were excited yesterday when we received a parcel from Lightforce Australia containing a LED strip light, 2 Genesis 50W HID Professional Series driving lights and a wiring harness for the lights.

We tested the LED strip light out last night and was surprised how bright the LEDs are. Another fantastic addition to the strip light is the dimmer switch that was so easy, the kids had worked it out in under a minute.  The dimmer function will be ideal for when we are relaxing around the camp fire and don’t want a bright white light destroying the atmosphere of the campsite.

The wiring harness for the driving lights will make it very easy to install in our vehicle (when we get it).  With the 2 lights up front on the bull bar, we can rest assured that we will definitely be able to see a long way down the road.  The Genesis 50W HID lights have a tested and proven range in excess of 1500 metres down the road!

Thanks again Lightforce Australia for supporting us and Driving Oz with the Black Dog.

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