Luna went to the movies


We took the kids and Luna to the movies at the Hoyts Garden City. It was great to see a wheelchair-bound man and his carer also enjoying the same film, which for us shows that Hoyts truly is an inclusive cinema centre. The staff were respectful as we entered the movie, and we’re fairly sure that none of the moviegoers even knew Luna was there, seeing as she fell asleep and missed the whole thing 😛 

While we were in the complex, a man complimented Paul on Luna, and asked questions about her role. Another lady was telling her daughter about service dogs, and asked about the tasks that Luna does for Paul to assist him. They were intrigued by our upcoming trip, and promised to look us up online.

The conversations are already happening informally, and we’re seeing more traffic to our website and Facebook page as a result of us being out and about in Perth. With two weeks left of the school holidays and more outings and activities planned with the kids & Luna, there’s great potential to reach even more people and share our passion. 

“Depression is a flaw in chemistry, not character”

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