Radio Interview 21/12/2016


As we advised yesterday Paul and Kirstine were going to be interviewed on 6PR Perth Tonight last night.  We are pleased to say that the interview went great and we got to discuss our event and the reasons why.

Unfortunately we were not given enough time to thank all our fantastic sponsors.  The whole interview was only 10 minutes, but thankfully they really pushed this website and we have noticed a significant jump in page views since the interview.

If you missed the interview, you can listen to it here.

Another positive of the interview is that they were encouraging the vehicle dealerships that listen in and support this radio station to consider helping us out with a 7 seat four wheel drive for the event.  Hopefully someone does jump on board and supports us soon with a vehicle as our only transport is currently a hire car and that needs to go back in two weeks.

Thank you again to the team at 6PR Perth Tonight for supporting us and our event!  We will definitely keep them up to date with what is happening as per their request.


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