Only 4 months to go!

Time is flying past so fast and now there is only 4 months until we start our journey.

This last week has been a real roller coaster ride for us all, but especially for Paul. Unfortunately we have had to relive what has happened to Paul in the past and it  has caused him to have significant flashbacks. This trip gives us something positive to focus on during difficult days 🙂

On a positive note for the week, it was great to have Barrett Communications sponsor us. Martin and Suzie have been so pleasant to work with.  We can’t wait to receive the radio and accessories so that they can be fitted into our car, and then Paul can teach the family how to use it properly.

We still need an off-road camper trailer/caravan sponsor, and as time is running out, it is starting to cause a fair bit of anxiety for us.  We have emailed every off-road camper trailer and caravan manufacturer in Australia, but to date we have not been able to lock anyone in.  If you know someone in the caravan trade who could help us out, please get them to get in contact with us.

We are also still looking for a vehicle sponsor, but due to no success in trying to get sponsorship it looks like we will have to take our 1999 Jackaroo on the trip.  We do love our “Bandit” though – it just needs some work 🙂 We have been in contact with every vehicle manufacturer  that sells a 7 seat four wheel drive and quite a lot of used car dealers, but we have only heard back from a couple. The feedback has been that they think our trip is so very deserving, but they’ve been unable to assist. One or two have been a bit rude, which is disconcerting when our intentions are good!

If you are a mechanic, or know someone who is and is based in Western Australia, please contact them and ask if they would be willing to do work on our vehicle to bring it up to a reliable condition.  If you know or have contacts in car dealerships, feel free to speak to them as well to see if they can help us out. We certainly ~don’t~ need a new vehicle, and would never presume that entitlement. We’re all about reliability 🙂  

Either way, the countdown is on, and we’re super keen to get on the road and start our adventure! 

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