TomTom Delivers

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Santa has also delivered us an early Christmas present from TomTom

TomTom have supplied us with one of their latest in vehicle GPS units, the 5200.

Three Bandit Action Cameras. Two of the cameras were provided by TomTom for us to sell/auction with 100% of the proceeds of the sales going to our MYCAUSE page and will be split evenly between our Beneficiaries.  They have also provided us with accessories for the Action Cameras.

Thank you TomTom team.  We really appreciate your support!

REDARC Delivers

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One of our fantastic sponsors REDARC got into the Christmas spirit by supplying us with a bag full of electrical equipment for our vehicle/camper trailer (when we get them).

A 2000 watt 12v DC to 240v AC inverter that can power a computers, lights, fridge etc.

A battery charger, 75W solar blanket, relay and wiring to ensure we have charged batteries even when we are not running the engine.

They also supplied us with their Tow-Pro Elite Electric Brake Controller.

Thanks to REDARC for their support of our event!

Thanks to our Supporters

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We want to say thank you to everyone who has provided us with support this year and wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year.

We have been very surprised and grateful to people and organisations who have been there for us, whether it is emotional, financial, by sponsoring us with goods/services or giving us advice.  Hopefully Santa will bring us the gift of a off-road camper trailer or a four wheel drive.

We are really looking forward to our journey and raising awareness of our two beneficiaries.

We also want to thank the following organisations who have been and still are working hard in the background trying to organise sponsorship through their own networks/contacts.  Hopefully we will have more sponsors join us really soon.  

Please remember the people within your own network/community that are vulnerable at this time of year and be ready to support them.

Radio Interview 21/12/2016


As we advised yesterday Paul and Kirstine were going to be interviewed on 6PR Perth Tonight last night.  We are pleased to say that the interview went great and we got to discuss our event and the reasons why.

Unfortunately we were not given enough time to thank all our fantastic sponsors.  The whole interview was only 10 minutes, but thankfully they really pushed this website and we have noticed a significant jump in page views since the interview.

If you missed the interview, you can listen to it here.

Another positive of the interview is that they were encouraging the vehicle dealerships that listen in and support this radio station to consider helping us out with a 7 seat four wheel drive for the event.  Hopefully someone does jump on board and supports us soon with a vehicle as our only transport is currently a hire car and that needs to go back in two weeks.

Thank you again to the team at 6PR Perth Tonight for supporting us and our event!  We will definitely keep them up to date with what is happening as per their request.


Radio interview tonight


Tonight at 9:30pm we are going to be on 6PR Perth talking about our event, our Beneficiaries and the hard work that they do every day improving peoples lives.  If you cannot listen in live, we believe the interview will be available on their website.

It will also give us a chance to talk about our fantastic sponsors!

For those of you still considering sponsoring us, please get in contact with us so that we can promote what you are doing to support us.  Naming Rights are still available and we still need a vehicle and an off-road camper trailer.

Future Systems, Radtel & HFoZ have joined us

future-systems-combinedFuture Systems and their businesses Radtel and HFoZ have joined us and will be providing us with free access to the Radtel and HFoZ networks, including calls, GPS Logging, emergency assistance etc. during our trip around Australia. With the High Frequency (HF) radio supplied to us by Barrett Communications, we will have access to a country wide network.  Even better, they have asked what else we need, so stay tuned as we may be adding more gear to our list of Offered Goods.

Some of Radtel ‘s exclusive features are;

  • EXCLUSIVE network frequencies for Radio Telephone use ONLY
  • Radtel bases do not share all the same frequencies. This avoids ‘crossed lines’ or ‘multiple calls’ overlapping each other
  • RFDS & Police – Direct Selcall
  • NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RACT & RAC – Direct selcall
  • No call connection fee
  • Flat call rate to any phone or mobile in Australia
  • Radtel uses brand new ‘State of the Art’ equipment
  • A comprehensive range Call Plans available
  • Message Service
  • Emergency Assistance by 24 HR operator
  • Restricting the number of users, thus reducing the problem of congestion.
  • No recorded message when a phone receives a call from a HF Radio

HFoZ is Australia’s newest HF Radio Network. As you’ll see from below, HFoZ provides many additional new services, most of which have never been available before in Australia or the world for that matter.

Some of HFoZ‘s exclusive features are;

  • Voice Comms – Vehicle to Vehicle
  • SMS-PageCall Message Service- Vehicle to Vehicle
  • GPS Position Reporting- Vehicle to Vehicle
  • GPS Position Report Logging – Vehicle to Base Tracking
  • Message Logging Service – Vehicle to Base
  • Email
  • SMS to Mobile Phone

Christmas can be tough


As we get nearer to Christmas, it is important to remember our family, friends, neighbors and work colleagues who may be going through a really tough time.  This could be because it is the first Christmas that they are away from their family or friends.  It may be that Christmas reminds them of the passing of someone close to them. Maybe they are in financial trouble or they may be a recipient of abuse, bullying or violence. Maybe they are or have been in the military or involved in an emergency service.

Sometimes a simple “hi, how are you today?” is all that is needed to help someone who is struggling to speak up.  In some cases they just want company, especially if they are alone at Christmas for the first time.  It is not unusual to hear someone say “I didn’t know they were struggling” when a person close to them attempts to or takes their own life.

A few do’s and don’ts;

  • Don’t tell them to get over it
  • Don’t tell them you know how they feel
  • Don’t tell them to grow up or stop being a sook
  • Don’t encourage them to drink alcohol or take social drugs
  • Do be there for them
  • Do encourage them to seek help
  • Do listen when they are talking and don’t butt in

People who call Lifeline’s 24-hour crisis support line (13 11 14) do so for a range of reasons including but not limited to; family and relationship concerns, crisis support, suicide prevention, matters relating to abuse and violence, support and information about drug and alcohol use and loneliness.

If you or someone you know is struggling, Lifeline can be contacted by calling 13 11 14 or online utilising their Crisis Support Chat (

REDARC has joined us


We are excited to announce that REDARC has joined us!

They are providing us with top of the line electronics for our vehicle.  With a Solar Blanket, battery charger, 12v to 240v inverter, Electronic brake controller for our camper trailer, wiring and hardware to make the system work seamlessly, we won’t need to worry about having a flat battery whilst on our journey.

REDARC has over 35 years experience in the research, design, development and manufacture of a range of electronic voltage converters and associated products including inverters, power supplies, DC to DC battery chargers and Battery Management Systems, CANBus modules, electric brake controllers, 52mm gauges and customised electronic modules.

Question Time

Why are we going to be driving around Australia trying to raise awareness and funds for Lifeline Australia and mindDog Australia?

Paul is suffering from severe depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and suicidal thoughts. Paul has been exposed to significant events that have got him to where he is now mentally and emotionally.  We want to spread the word about the great work these organisations do.  We hope that the information that we provide to people whilst on our Journey will encourage them to seek help instead of taking the suicide route.  We want to save as many lives as possible so we have decided to travel around most of Australia.  We want people to know that it is ok to talk about how they are feeling.

Lifeline is literally saving lives each and every day of the year and they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They have extremely qualified staff/volunteers that people who are struggling can talk to or message.  They can help people to see that there are other options available to them instead of suicide.

mindDog assists people like Paul to get out into the community again.  They help train Mental Health Assistance Dogs (MHAD).  Paul’s dog Luna is a MHAD who is really helping him to try to live a more normal life.  Luna senses when Paul is starting to get overwhelmed and either distracts, comforts or grounds him.  It doesn’t matter if it is in the middle of the night, Luna responds to Paul’s needs.  When Paul is asleep and having a nightmare Luna will climb up onto the bed and either wake Paul or lays next to him.  We want the community to learn more about MHADs and to understand how the dogs help their humans.

Why are we trying to get Sponsorship for a vehicle, an off-road camper-trailer, for fuel and for camera and other electrical items instead of paying for all of it ourselves?

We would happily pay for everything ourselves if we had the finances to do so, but unfortunately Paul has not been able to work since the start of July, so we have had to use our savings to help pay the bills.  The Sponsorship items that we are trying to secure will enable us to get out into Australia’s communities, large and small.  Some of the items that we receive through Sponsorship will be sold at the end of the event, with all money raised through the sales going to the Beneficiaries.

Why a vehicle and fuel?  We had a vehicle that we were preparing to take with us, however it was identified during this process that the engine needs more work than can be justified for a vehicle of its age, so now the only vehicle we have is one that we have rented for the next few weeks.  Hopefully we can secure a vehicle sponsor in the next week or two so that it is one less stress on Paul.  We anticipate fuel will cost us around $20,000 for the event.

Why an off-road camper trailer?  We are extremely grateful to have 3Dog Camping as one of our Sponsors and really look forward to having the high quality rooftop fitted onto our vehicle (once we have a vehicle), but with our 4 kids, we still need a camper trailer to sleep some of us and to provide a place to cook and eat meals, to store our equipment etc.  We will be living out of the roof top tent and camper trailer for more than 8 months as it will be cheaper than paying for motel rooms.

Why photographic and other electrical items?  We want to ensure that the discussions we start whilst on our journey don’t stop once the event stops, so we want to document what happens utilising Photo’s and Video’s.  We need to purchase the laptops so that our children can continue their schooling whilst we are travelling around.  It is a requirement of the School of Isolated and Distance Education that the kids enrolled have their own computer to do their school work.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on or 0427 388 168.

Our First Radio Interview 

We have had a request for an interview on Perth Tonight with Chris Ilsley – 882 6PR which we have agreed to. It will be happening next Wednesday evening at 9:30pm (Perth time). This is the first of several interviews that has been locked in. There will be more with different media organisations over the coming months.

This will be a great opportunity for us to spread the word about our event and to raise awareness about Lifeline Australia and mindDogs Australia.  

We will also be discussing our current sponsors.

Please get in contact with us as soon as possible if you are able to sponsor us, so that we can ensure you get the publicity that all our wonderful sponsors deserve.

We really hope we will have at least one Platinum Sponsor by the time we have the interview. Remember that Naming Rights will go to our first Platinum Sponsor.