Weekly Wrap-up 25/11/16

It has been another busy week organising Sponsors and planning our itinerary.

As you may know, Paul has not received a wage since early July due to his depression/anxiety, so funds have been really tight lately. We really need a vehicle manufacturer or used car dealership to provide us with a vehicle and preferably with fuel and servicing for the lead up to and during our event. It does not have to be a new vehicle.

On another note, we are excited about discussions we have had this week with some prospective sponsors.  Of course, until we have an agreement in writing, we cannot tell you who they are, but we know you would be as excited as us about who they are.  We can say that there are three major organisations, any of which could be our first Platinum Sponsor.  Hopefully before next weeks Weekly Wrap-up we can announce who they are and what goods/services they have offered.

We have also been busy organising where we will be having community engagements spreading the word about what we are doing and why.  Hopefully we will also raise funds for our Beneficiaries during our community events.  If you would like us to attend your work site or club, please get in contact with us as soon as possible so that we can modify our itinerary to suit your needs.

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