Naming Rights Anyone?

At this stage we don’t have a Platinum Sponsor, so the Naming Rights for our event is still available for the first sponsor that meets the requirements of Platinum Sponsorship.  For those of you who have the potential to sponsor us, think about how much good publicity your organisation would get sponsoring a national fundraising event.  It’s not like a trade show where you get publicity for a week, with our event it will run for at least 8 months, with the potential to then take the event to New Zealand and then the United States of America.

Through recent discussions (including a phone call this morning at 6:10am!) with potential sponsors, we believe there are at lease three organisations considering Platinum level Sponsorship for our event (but we can’t say who they are at this stage).  It will definitely be the first in, best dressed!  Imagine the public image of being recognised for helping us spread awareness about suicide prevention and Assistance Dogs across the entire country, potentially saving Australian lives, and improving the lives of people who need it the most. It doesn’t get better than that!

Don’t get us wrong, we are eternally grateful for every one of our sponsors, large or small, and care about all of them.  Without ALL of our fabulous sponsors this event would not be happening!  We are looking forward to stopping and meeting each of our sponsors whilst we are on our journey around Australia 🙂

Platinum Sponsorship (>$20,000 value donated)

  • Naming Rights for the first Platinum Sponsor 
  • Your business name or logo prominently displayed (sponsor supplied)
  • Main stage signage (sponsor supplied)
  • Mentions during interviews and presentations
  • Your company logo on printed materials
  • Your business name or logo on clothing worn by the entire family (sponsor supplied)
  • Inclusion in all radio public service announcements
  • Inclusion in all press releases
  • Inclusion in all web site announcements, emails and social media postings
  • We will attend your worksites during our event (within reason)
  • Signage on the vehicle and camper trailer/caravan (sponsor supplied)
  • Invitation to have a meal with us whilst we are in your area.
  • Invitation to attend the two cheque handovers at the end of the event (at your cost)
  • We will hold photo sessions at all Platinum sponsors locations throughout Australia
  • We will interview up to three key people from within your organisation about your commitment to our cause.  The interviews will be included in the book and DVD.
  • We will attend trade shows that you participate in, if they align with our schedule (at sponsors cost)
  • Framed “Thank You” photo to hang up at your organisation.

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