No donation/sponsorship too small :)

As massive as this trip is going to be, if you’re reading through our posts and seeing who our sponsors/donors are and thinking that you can’t contribute anything significant, I’m here to tell you that’s not the case.

We are GENUINELY thrilled with everyone who responds and offers some form of support, be it equipment or a donation for a raffle/auction. We update our list of needs to remove items already being supplied. What’s important to us is that you’ve taken the time to consider what it is we’re trying to achieve, and you want to help. Perhaps you’ve been impacted by the issues we’re trying to raise awareness of. Maybe you’ve travelled (or want to travel) around the country and reading our itinerary gives you itchy feet. Maybe you love dogs as much as we do!

The more people who read our page, either by referral or having been contacted by us, the more likely we are to already have a positive impact on people’s lives. Don’t be afraid to open a dialogue, have a discussion about mental health, seek advice from Lifeline for yourself or a loved one.

If you’ve already committed to sponsoring us or donating a prize, we’re sure that you’ve already mentioned Driving Oz with the Black Dog to your colleagues, peers & family. Hopefully our message will therefore travel ahead of us by word of mouth alone 🙂

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