Barrett Communications has joined us


We’re excited to have Barrett Communications join our growing list of Sponsors!

They have generously offered a High Frequency (HF) radio and accessories (Travelers Pack).  The radio will have the VKS-737 (four wheel drive) radio network programmed into it.  This will provide us with a method of communicating to the outside world when we are in the heart of Australia and no standard mobile phones work.

The VKS-737 network is run by volunteers who are available to answer an emergency call on the radio’s 24/7.  They also conduct regular radio “call in’s” to make sure everyone is ok and to provide weather and road condition updates.

Thank you so much for your support!

Planning for the week ahead

Today we have had quite a few people looking at our website and the linked documents. In fact it has been the highest numbers we have seen since we launched the website!

This week we really hope to lock down some major sponsors for our event.  If you or your organisation are keen to sponsor us, please get in contact with us as soon as possible to ensure we don’t have a double up.  If you would like to help us out but cannot sponsor us with items and/or a monetary donation, please feel free to help us by spreading the word about our event on social media and also directly with appropriate organisations.  

We have also sent out invitations to clubs and organisations to see if they would like us to attend whilst we are on our journey, and to say we are excited with the response would be an understatement.  So far we have only sent out invites to Victorian & Tasmanian clubs/groups.  If we have not yet contacted your organisation but you are interested in having us visit, you can contact us on the details at the bottom of this page.

The more we spread the word about our event, the more successful it will be,  which is great, but the more people who know about what we are doing, the more chance we have of talking to someone who really needs to know that they are not alone in their struggles, and that people do care about them.  That is when we start saving lives!

Weekly Wrap-up 25/11/16

It has been another busy week organising Sponsors and planning our itinerary.

As you may know, Paul has not received a wage since early July due to his depression/anxiety, so funds have been really tight lately. We really need a vehicle manufacturer or used car dealership to provide us with a vehicle and preferably with fuel and servicing for the lead up to and during our event. It does not have to be a new vehicle.

On another note, we are excited about discussions we have had this week with some prospective sponsors.  Of course, until we have an agreement in writing, we cannot tell you who they are, but we know you would be as excited as us about who they are.  We can say that there are three major organisations, any of which could be our first Platinum Sponsor.  Hopefully before next weeks Weekly Wrap-up we can announce who they are and what goods/services they have offered.

We have also been busy organising where we will be having community engagements spreading the word about what we are doing and why.  Hopefully we will also raise funds for our Beneficiaries during our community events.  If you would like us to attend your work site or club, please get in contact with us as soon as possible so that we can modify our itinerary to suit your needs.

Supporters working in the background

It has come to our attention that there is at least two organisations that believe in our cause so much that they are actually trying to organise sponsorship for us through their own business contacts/networks and includes Australian and International companies.

The fact they are trying to help us out is big in itself, but if either of them are successful, their suppliers may reach Platinum Sponsorship level (greater than $20,000 value).  We are so grateful for the effort they are putting in to support us that we will consider these businesses as the same level of sponsorship that they organise.

It feels fantastic that we have so many supporters working hard in the background.  Even though we may not have yet physically met you, we can guarantee you that we will visit each and every one of our Sponsors whilst we are on our journey around this fantastic country.  In some cases we will be with our sponsors for several days whilst we are attending trade shows.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your support leading up to this event!

Naming Rights Anyone?

At this stage we don’t have a Platinum Sponsor, so the Naming Rights for our event is still available for the first sponsor that meets the requirements of Platinum Sponsorship.  For those of you who have the potential to sponsor us, think about how much good publicity your organisation would get sponsoring a national fundraising event.  It’s not like a trade show where you get publicity for a week, with our event it will run for at least 8 months, with the potential to then take the event to New Zealand and then the United States of America.

Through recent discussions (including a phone call this morning at 6:10am!) with potential sponsors, we believe there are at lease three organisations considering Platinum level Sponsorship for our event (but we can’t say who they are at this stage).  It will definitely be the first in, best dressed!  Imagine the public image of being recognised for helping us spread awareness about suicide prevention and Assistance Dogs across the entire country, potentially saving Australian lives, and improving the lives of people who need it the most. It doesn’t get better than that!

Don’t get us wrong, we are eternally grateful for every one of our sponsors, large or small, and care about all of them.  Without ALL of our fabulous sponsors this event would not be happening!  We are looking forward to stopping and meeting each of our sponsors whilst we are on our journey around Australia 🙂

Platinum Sponsorship (>$20,000 value donated)

  • Naming Rights for the first Platinum Sponsor 
  • Your business name or logo prominently displayed (sponsor supplied)
  • Main stage signage (sponsor supplied)
  • Mentions during interviews and presentations
  • Your company logo on printed materials
  • Your business name or logo on clothing worn by the entire family (sponsor supplied)
  • Inclusion in all radio public service announcements
  • Inclusion in all press releases
  • Inclusion in all web site announcements, emails and social media postings
  • We will attend your worksites during our event (within reason)
  • Signage on the vehicle and camper trailer/caravan (sponsor supplied)
  • Invitation to have a meal with us whilst we are in your area.
  • Invitation to attend the two cheque handovers at the end of the event (at your cost)
  • We will hold photo sessions at all Platinum sponsors locations throughout Australia
  • We will interview up to three key people from within your organisation about your commitment to our cause.  The interviews will be included in the book and DVD.
  • We will attend trade shows that you participate in, if they align with our schedule (at sponsors cost)
  • Framed “Thank You” photo to hang up at your organisation.

Would you like us to visit?

As you know, from April to approximately December 2017 we will be traveling around Australia letting people know that there is an option other than suicide and that there is a resource that can help with getting back into the community.  Paul has been through both of these situations and he will be talking about his experiences whilst we travel around Australia.

Whilst we travel around Australia, we are happy to attend meetings/clubs to let people know there is another option and to spread the word about what we are trying to achieve. We are happy to talk about what we have gone through over the last year or so in relation to workplace bullying, depression and anxiety.  We will also happy to talk about Mental Health Assistance Dogs and their need within the community.  We suggest you look at our Itinerary to see where we will be, and let us know when you would like us to attend meetings.  Of course, we are happy to modify our schedule to meet the needs of local communities/groups.

We are also looking at expanding our adventure to New Zealand and then to the United States of America to spread the work about what we are trying to achieve.

If you would like us to attend your meeting/club, please get in contact with us at or call/sms +61 427 388 168.

Considering Sponsorship?

Have you thought about how effective having naming rights to a national event would be to your organisation?

Currently we are in need of major sponsors for the following items;

  • A Four wheel Drive that has a minimum of 7 seats with fuel and servicing.
  • Off road Camper trailer with Fridge etc.
  • Photographic & Video equipment.

If you or someone you know was to offer one of the above items, please let them know about our event.

We have been asked by some current and potential sponsors if we would attend trade shows during our event so that they get more publicity, and of course we are happy to attend these events, as long as we are notified of the dates/location as early as possible and we don’t have a conflicting agreement.

For more information please have a look at our Support Us page where you can also download/print a copy of our relevant Sponsorship Proposal.

Luna is excited!

Luna is very excited about her new gear that arrived from Friendly Dog Collars!

Jenny generously provided Luna with a new Coat, Harness, Lead and Collar.  We have only had it a week but we have already noticed people noticing her new gear with one person mentioning how easy it was to read the signage on the gear from a distance.  Even though Luna does have her yellow/blue mindDog harness, this gear really helps her stand out from the front and side, so people know that she is not to be distracted, even before they see her mindDog vest.

Luna is really going to get noticed and get a lot of use out of her new gear throughout our journey around the country!

No donation/sponsorship too small :)

As massive as this trip is going to be, if you’re reading through our posts and seeing who our sponsors/donors are and thinking that you can’t contribute anything significant, I’m here to tell you that’s not the case.

We are GENUINELY thrilled with everyone who responds and offers some form of support, be it equipment or a donation for a raffle/auction. We update our list of needs to remove items already being supplied. What’s important to us is that you’ve taken the time to consider what it is we’re trying to achieve, and you want to help. Perhaps you’ve been impacted by the issues we’re trying to raise awareness of. Maybe you’ve travelled (or want to travel) around the country and reading our itinerary gives you itchy feet. Maybe you love dogs as much as we do!

The more people who read our page, either by referral or having been contacted by us, the more likely we are to already have a positive impact on people’s lives. Don’t be afraid to open a dialogue, have a discussion about mental health, seek advice from Lifeline for yourself or a loved one.

If you’ve already committed to sponsoring us or donating a prize, we’re sure that you’ve already mentioned Driving Oz with the Black Dog to your colleagues, peers & family. Hopefully our message will therefore travel ahead of us by word of mouth alone 🙂

Our first accommodation sponsor – Bayview Coral Bay!


Coral Bay Ningaloo Reef anyone?? Don’t mind if we do! The fabulous team at Bayview Coral Bay have not only offered us accommodation with a view of the bay when we stop in that area next year, but they’ve also donated a 2 night accommodation voucher for one of their units for us to raffle/auction to raise funds for our beneficiaries. Such generous support of both us and our cause!

Since we moved to Western Australia I’ve been keen to visit the Ningaloo Coast and the natural wonders that this state is so famous for. Ironically, it will be during the last stages of the tour that we get to this area, so we’ll have something special to look forward to.

Emma of Bayview Coral Bay, you’re a gem!!