Is this really happening??

There are so many emotions in this house at the moment, and they change so quickly that it’s hard to keep up!

About three months ago we started talking about doing some travel around Western Australia, and raising awareness about mental health. It’s always been a topic close to our hearts, and Paul has already done some amazing work raising funds for Lifeline Australia over the last few years.

At some point, we thought to ourselves, “hey, why not go right around Australia while we’re young enough and the kids get some awesome life experience?”. Sure thing! This became one of our medium term plans – something to start planning, with a view to heading off in a couple of years. We’ve spent time in some isolated areas of Australia, as you can see by the Rest Stop picture we took as we entered Mungo National Park in New South Wales in early 2015. We know all too well that there are people we could help by undertaking this awareness tour, and they don’t all live in big cities.

Life has thrown us some pretty significant curve balls this year, and while Paul has been undergoing treatment for his anxiety/depression, he formulated an impressive sponsorship proposal for a trip around Australia. He sent it out to a small portion of the universe, and by crikey, as of today we already have a couple of sponsors!!

We’re waiting for logos and permission to publish some details, but all of a sudden our “medium term” plan is becoming a short term one if everything comes together in time.

From my perspective, I am the very epitome of awestruck & dumbfounded. Companies are seeing the benefits of what we are trying to achieve and are getting behind us. I know I am going to have to consult the thesaurus to find some more words to try and describe the emotions I am experiencing at the moment.

We’ve started a blog, we’re starting up Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts, and most importantly, we’ve created the MyCause account to keep track of donations to the two charities near and dear to our hearts. This learning curve is nearly vertical, but stick with us – it’s going to be one hell of a ride 🙂

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